Saturday, December 30, 2006

Acura at the San Diego International Auto Show

I went to my first international auto show yesterday. I really wanted to check out Acura's ugly Advanced Sedan Concept. Sadly, I couldn't find it at the auto show... how disappointing. However, I did check out some other Acuras represented there.

This was Acura's main display at the show, there was a lady announcer on the platform with the Acura RL & MDX. Acura's display section was outdone by Lexus' two section down. The Acura section basically had two of each current vehicle on display, one with Navi and one without.

The TL however seemed to be the main attraction because it was on the rotating display in the center of the Acura section. I understand the TL is probably the best selling Acura right now, but I think the RL, their "flagship," should be the main attraction.

Another angle of the featured TL.

Inside the cabin of an Acura RL. In my opinion, the RL has one of the better interiors when comparing to other luxury brand cabins. BMW cabins are very outdated.

A white NSX on the top level of the San Diego International Auto Show. The top level mainly featured modded and tuned cars.

A black Acura NSX... shiny! Talking about bland and plain interiors, if you ever been in a NSX, the interiors are very outdated... kind of like the current BMW's.

A tuned TSX on stands with two Nissan Skylines on each side. Dang it, this little girl wouldn't get out of the way!

Up close of the TSX.

I know I didn't get a picture of all the current Acuras and that wasn't my goal. My goal was to see the Acura ASC and see how well Acura was represented this year at the San Diego International Auto Show. All I can say is, I wasn't disappointed with Acura's display, however I wasn't impressed. Although, I was disappointed that I wasn't able to see Acura's Advanced Sedan Concept up close and in person!

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