Friday, December 8, 2006

The new NSX!?!? (maybe)

While researching for my "RIP NSX" entry, I ran across some new rumors of the upcoming 2008 NSX! This is based on rumors and speculations, so don't come back here and whine about it, please do that on your own blog and label it as "rant." Onto the rumors:

The "new NSX" will be introduced in 2008 along with the Acura brand in Japan. The engine will be a 4.5 liter V10, with a V angle of 95 degrees, similar to F1 engines. The rumored maximum horsepower is 550HP. The all aluminium body will ride on a newly developed form of SH-AWD... FR+SH-AWD. The style will be more British than Italian and will have a price tag close to that of the previous NSX.

Here are the rumored pictures:

There is no official word from Honda/Acura. I think it looks very sexy, a little Aston Martin-ish. Hmmm... If I could choose the look of the "next NSX," I don't know if I would choose the HSC look or this one, which one would you choose?


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