Sunday, January 7, 2007

[NEW NSX] Acura's Advanced Sports Car Concept (ASCC) Debut

Acura's Advanced Sports Car Concept (ASCC) debuts today at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The ASCC is a design preview of the successor to the NSX. Acura's design concept uses a front-mounted V-10 engine and a rear wheel drive version of Acura's SH-AWD.

The ASCC has a 108.8 inch wheelbase with 19 inch front and 20 inch rear tires. The brakes are ventilated carbon ceramic and the eight-piston calipers accent the wheels. The ASCC's cabin is made all of tinted glass. Underneath the car features a carbon fiber underbody. The modern wraparound rear taillights compliment the car's quad exhaust pipes. The front of the car show off LED headlights that "mimic the pop-up headlights found on the first generation NSX."

The design was created by Acura's Los Angeles-based team. In a few months, this team will move into the Acura Design Center.

This will include an all-new V10 engine that is Acura's most powerful ever.

"Our direction is clear. We plan to Advance, in technology, in design, and in overall performance. This fall, at the Tokyo Motor Show, we will showcase the next stage in our advancement." - Takeo Fukui (President and CEO of Honda Motor Co.)

"In the exterior styling, you'll see definitive design elements that communicate that fine balance of technical precision and emotion... laser-sharp edges throughout the vehicle represent a powerful sense of engineering precision. The side of the car and the dramatic hood surfaces feature what we call sheer, machined, surfacing, again, to convey a feeling of technical exactness." - Jon Ikeda (American Honda Designer)

Keen-Edge Dynamic - represents the Precision, Technology, and Emotion inherent in Acura's styling.

The "Advance" design direction can be seen in the latest generation MDX, which has sharper, more precise lines than the previous generation.

This is what the concept drawing looked like.

Acura plans to "push the envelope in developing highly advanced automobiles that appeal both to the intellect and to the soul."

Source: AcuraNews

I think Acura is dropping the ball with the NSX's replacement. What ever happened to the Honda Sports Concept (HSC) or even the rumored new NSX? I thought those looked a lot better than this. This looks almost like a Japanese Corvette. I prefer Japanese Auston Martin or Japanese Ferrari better!


Anonymous said...

UGLY...They better go with HSC!!...this looks like a 2010 Dodge Charger...what design?...HSC is far superior design

Absolutely No emotion with this car, just as stale...spaceship like...saucer

Anonymous said...

i actually really like the design. very futuristic.

dalieu said...

i dunno, i really liked the HSC, now that looked like the NSX's replacement.

Anonymous said...

yeah the HSC is pretty sweet, and i can see how NSX fans would prefer it over the ASCC with the mid-engine and all. i think they were expecting a true NSX successor or an evolution of the NSX, whereas the ASCC is more of a replacement with Acura going in a different direction for their next sports car. i don't think that should take anything away from the ASCC, i still think it's pretty cool. but anyway, that's just my opinion. who knows, maybe we'll get BOTH the ASCC and the HSC ;)

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