Tuesday, January 30, 2007

[Video] The NSX was an Exotic Car, the ASCC is just a Sports Car!

Yesterday, I blogged about the "forgotten." Today I will blog about the one we'll never forget. The original NSX!

Here is a great video from youTube.com, the clip features:
- part of the original NSX commercial,
- shows the legendary Ayrton Senna driving the car he helped build,
- NSX dragging against a Porsche,
- NSX-R vs. GT-R, &
- Top Gear's black Stig on a wet track in the NSX!

Great soundtrack too...

I think Honda/Acura should stop messing around with the NSX's replacement. The Advanced Sports Car Concept (ASCC) replacing the NSX is a joke. The NSX was "special," there is nothing special about the ASCC!

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