Tuesday, November 6, 2007

[Rumor] Hard To Believe New NSX Rumors

New rumors has it that the NSX's successor will be mid-ship, instead of a front engine layout!

Here are some more rumored info:

Why was the Honda Sports Concept (HSC) scrapped?

Supposedly, the mid-mounted aluminum 3.5L V6 i-VTEC HSC engine, with a 6 speed transmission controlled by either an F1 style paddle shifter on the steering wheel, or a unique dial shifter on the center console was not up to today's standards. So an F1 inspired V10 was promised in the next NSX.

Development issues with the V10 engine?
Honda basically tried to build the car around the V10 engine. They started out with packaging difficulties, and struggled to achieve an agile car with good weight distribution and balance. The V10 required the use of a trans-axle transmission configuration to try make the nose as short as possible.

What's up with the Acura Advanced Sports Car Concept (ASCC)?
The ASCC's long-nose and SH-AWD was the result of building a car around the V10 engine.

Why did Honda finally go back to the drawing board?
Honda was afraid there wouldn't be a market for the ASCC.

So what's the problem now?
If Honda plans to make a more balanced car using a V8 engine, what are they going to do with the already developed 5.0L V10 engine? It's too big for anything in their line up.

[Source] Temple Of VTEC

Click here to see the V10, SH-AWD NSX/S2000 test mule.

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