Thursday, December 27, 2007

Acura Related Highlights Of Honda 2007 Year-End CEO Speech

Honda will further accelerate a focus on the following three pillars:

1. Strengthening the foundation for global growth

Europe - Automobile:
In the first half of 2008, the all-new Accord Sedan and Tourer will be introduced to the market. The mass production models will be introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2008. The all-new Accord will be equipped with an i-DTEC engine, which complies with the Euro 5 emission standard expected to become effective in 2009. - (This all-new Accord will most likely be introduced in the States as the next geneation Acura TSX.)

Honda Accord Tourer concept

2. Strengthening the foundation for global growth:


(It must be noted that Honda has no intentions of making an Acura hybrid, but it's still nice to know what Honda is getting.)

* In addition to Civic Hybrid, Honda will introduce a new dedicated hybrid vehicle in 2009. The new dedicated hybrid vehicle will be equipped with a newly developed lightweight and compact IMA (integrated motor assist) system and offered at a more affordable price level base on Honda's efforts to significantly reduce cost. The worldwide sales plan for this vehicle is approximately 200,000 units annually.

* A new sports hybrid, based on the CR-Z introduced at Tokyo Motor Show, will be sold globally.

CR-Z Concept

* The second-generation i-DTEC engine will first be installed to models for European markets in 2008, North America in 2009, and Japan will follow. (An Acura diesel may not be totally out of the question.)

i-DTEC European Honda Accords (a.k.a Acura TSXs).

3. Accelerating our efforts in Japan to strengthen the core characteristic that make Honda unique:

R&D Capabilities:
* In addition to test courses, Honda decided to build a product development facility dedicated to the Acura brand within the new R&D center being constructed in Sakura with an aim to strengthen product development for the Acura brand.

* In April 2006, Honda R&D launched a new organizational structure separating the product development functions for the Honda and Acura brands. With the addition of a dedicated development facility for the Acura brand, Honda R&D will further strengthen product development capabilities which clearly define the unique characteristics of each brand and accelerate product development that offers new value for the customer.

Automobile - Construction of a new engine plant in Ogawa and new auto plant in Yorii began in fall 2007 with a target to begin operations in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

Automobile Business in Japan:
* To further strengthen the Honda brand, all-new versions of four different vehicles will be introduced in Japan during 2008. Honda's goal is to expand sales by offering attractive products which bring more joys to customers.

For the full article: Honda Worldwide News

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