Tuesday, November 29, 2011

iPhone Apps by Acura

  1. My Acura 2010 How-To Video - This useful app features how-to videos on a variety of sophisticated technologies for the complete 2010 Acura lineup. Whether you have an RL, TL, TSX, ZDX, MDX or RDX, you’ll be privy to a wealth of handy information designed to enhance and simplify your life on the road. It not only lets you retrieve your radio or navigation code, you’ll learn about a wide variety of features, from the Acura Navigation System and Bluetooth® HandsFreeLink® to the Tire Pressure Monitoring System.
  2. AcuraLink Roadside Assistance - Acura extends AcuraLink® to new Digital Services with the introduction of the all-new AcuraLink® Roadside App featuring support for Acura Roadside Assistance* program. This program allows users to quickly and easily request roadside and towing services, lock-out assistance, tire changes, fuel delivery and more. The app can easily deliver a GPS location to dispatched support and provide ongoing status updates for the user during an event.

    Towing and roadside assistance services are performed by and/or through Cross Country Motor Club, Inc., except in Alaska, California, Hawaii, Oregon, Wisconsin and Wyoming, where services are performed by and/or through Cross Country Motor Club of California, Inc.

    • Works with all iPhones running version 4.0 software or later
    • Not functional on an iPod Touch

    * Roadside Assistance no-cost benefits apply during warranty period only. See your program details for specific warranty coverages. Beyond warranty coverage, AcuraLink may still be used for non-covered services requiring a separate payment at the time of service.


Anonymous said...

I assume Android is coming & maybe Windows & RIM?

Hopefully Symbian will not get left out but since that is huge in Europe & Asia but not the US - doubtful.

Did u catch the latest on all the new engine tech for Honda/Acura?

dalieu said...

I am also assuming an Android version is in the works. I doubt we will see a RIM, Symbian, or Windows version anytime soon.

Thanks for the engine tech link, I just saw that today. It's users like you that make this site better and better. ;)

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