Tuesday, March 20, 2007

[Video] 2007 Acura MDX Review

The Acura MDX is an important vehicle for Acura because it makes up 30% of Acura's sales. The Fuel Show reviewed the new generation 2007 Acura MDX. They commented on the car's aggressive look, saying maybe it's "too aggressive." They also think the SUV is heavy. However, they were impressed with how the vehicle felt secure on the roads and that it's "basically an RL with a big set of tires and wheels." One of the commentators commented about the solid fit and finish, saying that his 1-year old was able to grab onto the DVD screen in the back and how it didn't come apart.

Q Factor = 4.50/5
Curb Appeal = 3.25/5
Performance = 3.75/5
Fit & Finish = 4.50/5
Drivability = 3.75/5
Total = 19.75/25

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