Monday, November 9, 2009

Fix-It Tips for a Faded or Blotchy Dashboard

Currently Applies To: ’04–08 TL

Got a vehicle with a faded or blotchy dashboard? The likely cause is the compatibilizer material in the dashboard migrating through the cover. After the material ages, proper cleaning and an application of a non-silicone-based protectant should bring it back to showroom condition. Keep in mind, though, if you clean the dashboard before all that material has migrated, you may need to do it again and reapply the non-silicone-based protectant.

To clean the dashboard, first moisten a clean shop towel with Acura Leather & Vinyl Cleaner (P/N 08700-9214A), then vigorously rub the surface until the discoloration goes away. For best results, clean the dashboard twice, wiping in different directions.

To protect the dashboard, moisten another clean shop towel with a non-silicone-based protectant and generously apply it to the surface. Do this twice, wiping in different directions to make sure you’ve covered all areas. After some extensive testing of current protectants
available in the market, Acura recommends 303 Aerospace Protectant from 303 Products, Inc. When it comes to Acura dashboards, Acura has found this product offers even better protection than what was offered before with Acura Leather & Vinyl Protectant (P/N 08700-9209A).

I actually do own and use a bottle of 303 Aerospace Protectant, it was recommended on Aerospace Protectant also leaves the dash shiny! ;)

[Source] Sept. 2009 Acura ServiceNews


Anonymous said...

But how shiny is it? I currently use Low Gloss Armor All bc I do not like it when everything looks greasy.

The downside is that when I am applying, it is not as easy to tell where I have missed .....

dalieu said...

Hmmm... how do I describe this. It's not like a glossy look, but more like a wet look. Maybe the reviews from amazon will help:

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