Tuesday, February 27, 2007

[Video] TOV's Acura TL-S

Not sure what TOV was trying to show off here...

[Video] 2007 Acura TL-S from MotorWeek

CompTech Closing!

With more than 20 years of involvement in motor sports and the automotive industry, Comptech USA is closing its doors. These specialist are dedicated to developing the fastest, safest, best handling, street legal Hondas and Acuras possible. "At Comptech USA, [they] recognize that properly tuning a vehicle to improve its performance involves more than grabbing a part off the shelf and making it 'fit' your car." Honda/Acura owners had the opportunity to enhance the performance of their cars using the same technology Comptech developed exclusively for International Motor Sports Associations (IMSA), Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), and Indy car racing. Comptech is well known for its superchargers, exhaust, and air intakes. Their superchargers usually adds approximately 50 Horsepower and 30 lb/ft. of Torque at the wheels. The word on the internet (confirmed by vendors) for their closing is due to low number of sells and not enough management.

Comptech race cars.

Comptech supercharged V6 Honda Accord.

Comptech supercharged 2003 Acura CL.

Comptech supercharged 2004 Acura TL.

Comptech supercharger kit for Acura TSX.

2004 Acura TSX with Comptech supercharger installed.

Old Comptech Realtime racing cars.

This is sad news to many Honda/Acura enthusiasts. Instead of buying a new car, I wanted to supercharge my Acura TSX in the future (5+ years from now). However, I think what will happen in the future is that Comptech tuning parts will be harder to find and the prices will be outrageous. So if you have a Comptech part you're planning to pick up, go to your nearest Comptech vendor now!

[Source] Acurazine.com

WOW! ~$10k for NSX supercharger kit.

[UPDATE] CompTech no longer closing!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

"No odometer is going to be perfect."

"No odometer is going to be perfect," says Honda spokesman Chris Martin. But prompted by the class-action lawsuit, Honda realized, "The customer expectation is that it would be based on zero. We weren't. So we decided to settle the suit." Starting with '07 models, Honda tightened its odometer accuracy and centered in on 0%.

Honda is notifying 6 million owners of Hondas and Acuras that they are entitled to warranty extensions and, in some cases, payments because odometers in their vehicles rolled up miles too fast. A lawyer in the lawsuit that resulted in Honda's moves now is aiming at Nissan, alleging that its Altima sedans back to 2002 roll up miles 2.5% to 3% too fast.

The Society of Automotive Engineers' voluntary standard is plus or minus 4%, or no more than 4 miles high or low in every 100 miles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it doesn't regulate odometer accuracy.

Honda says its odometers were accurate to within 3.75% on the high side and 1% on the low side, within the SAE standard. But it says it will extend the warranty mileage 5% and will pay lease-mileage penalties due to fast odometers, at least $6 million just for overcharges on vehicles leased directly from Honda.

A U.S. district court in Texas will accept or reject the settlement, probably this summer. Holmes says it's rare for a settlement not to be approved. Vehicles covered in the deal: 2002 to 2006 Hondas and Acuras bought from April 13, 2002, to Nov. 7, 2006. Some 2007 Honda Fits also are included.

For more information:

USAToday.com - Money/Autos

[Making Of] Acura ASCC

"The Advanced Sports Car Concept will not only take your eyes to unexpected places, it will transport the rest of you, as well." - Acura.com

Some sketches were drawn up. Makes me wonder what the car would have ended up like if they stuck with this version.

This is the design they ended up building. Designers were inspired by nature. They studied "cracks in glaciers and the contours of sand dunes," this gave them a sense for the natural flow of shapes, edges and movements.

Next a quarter scaled clay model was made to establish the form.

Painted version of the clay model.

Designers further fine-tuned details using a computer-aided design (CAD) program.

A full size model was built.

Photos of the final product: The NSX's replacement?

There is a rumor saying that Acura is scrapping this as the NSX's replacement.

Click here for all articles relating to the ASCC.

Take a 360 degree spin of the Advanced Sports Car Concept and find more information on the development process at Acura.com

[Making Of] Acura ASC

"Advanced Sedan Concept: The Bold Future of Luxury

The ASC mixes classic Acura design elements 'Keen Edge' surfacing for bold, in your face exterior that simultaneously exudes a mysterious aura of luxury. One can only hope that the future arrives early." - Acura.com

There were a wide variety of inspiration.

From art and architecture to industrial and fashion design.

Next a quarter scale clay model was made to visual the car in 3D.

After the scaled model was created, it was scanned and imported into a computer-aided design (CAD) program.

The designers can fine-tune the car's details on the computer.

A full scaled model was made from the CAD data, this gave "the designers their first experience with the vehicle's actual size."

The finished product was released November 29, 2006.

For all Advanced Sedan Concept articles, click here.

For more details on the development process of the ASC, visit Acura.com

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

[Rumor] Acura's ASCC No More?

According to the Winding Road, "Acura has completely torn up the whole script and started over" for the Advanced Sports Car Concept (ASCC). Acura is starting over "in terms of how the finished car will look, although the basic proportions and front-engined V-10 package and all-wheel drive layout will stay" the same for the NSX's replacement. For a car that is supposed to be in showrooms around 2009, this is a little concerning.

Even more concerning is that the "new NSX" is going to be priced around $150,000! I thought it was crazy when the original NSX cost around $90,000... For $150,000 can almost get you an Aston Martin DB9 (~$165,000). For a list of cars you can get for $150,000, click here.

[Rumor] 2009 Acura TSX Spy Photos

Popular Mechanics has some photos of the "the next generation Acura TSX." A group of Honda engineers were testing a new vehicle on the Angeles Crest Highway in Southern California.
At first glance, this test mule looks like a current generation Honda Accord. But it’s not. Under the Accord’s skin is the chassis of the next generation Acura TSX... We suspect the 2009 model will again have a unique chassis from our own American Accord. A turbocharged four cylinder derived from the recently introduced Acura RDX crossover SUV will likely provide the motivation. Expect standard all-wheel drive and much swoopier styling when the ’09 model appears. Our sources say it will be a dead ringer for the Honda Sports 4 2005 we spied recently at the Tokyo Motor Show concept.

Spy Photo Front

Spy Photo Back

[Rumor Source] Popular Mechanics

Kind of a boring spy photo rumor if you ask me, aren't we just looking at the USDM Honda Accord? However, please don't shot the messenger, I'm only reporting what I see and read. I like what I'm reading though: turbo + SH-AWD + will look like the Honda Sports 4. Sounds more expensive than the current generation TSX, which is already pushing $30k.

Monday, February 19, 2007

[Drawing] Pre-2006 Acura TSX

Drawing of a pre-2006 Acura TSX, notice no fog lights and the old style rims. In 2006, the Acura TSX got re-styled and some upgrades. The 2006+ Acura TSX comes standard with Bluetooth, fog lights, multi-informational display (MID), 205 hp SAE, and uglier stock rims. IMO, the newer 2006+ styling makes the TSX more feminine.

[Video Review] 2007 Acura TSX Review from Fuel Show

This Acura TSX review segment was from The Fuel Show (2/4/2007).


Q Factor - 4.00/5.00
Curb Appeal - 3.75/5.00
Performance - 3.75/5.00
Fit'N'Finish - 4.25/5.00
Driveability - 4.25/5.00

Total - 20.00/25.00

[Commercial] Acura TSX - "Windows"

Featuring the re-styled 2006 Acura TSX.

Friday, February 9, 2007

Advanced VTEC (A-VTEC)

Last year, Honda announced it's next generation VTEC engine, Advanced Variable valve Timing and Electronic lift Control (A-VTEC). This new technology is hypothesized to appear in the next generation Honda Accord, which combines continuously variable valve lift and timing control with the continuously variable phase control of valve timing. As a result, the engine gets better performance, fuel economy, and lower emissions.

A-VTEC optimum controls intake value lift and phase in response to driving conditions for an increase in torque across the engine rev range. The A-VTEC system has a 13% improvement in fuel economy over the current i-VTEC engines. The 13% figure was obtained comparing the current K24A 2.4 liter i-VTEC engine with a new 2.4 liter A-VTEC equivalent. Emissions are compliant with US LEV2-ULEV standards and Japanese Low-Emission Vehicles standards with levels 75% lower than 2005 standards.

For more images like this, head over to VTEC.net.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Acura Commercial during 2007 Super Bowl Video

The Indianapolis Colts beat the Chicago Bears, 29-17, in Super Bowl XLI. This Super Bowl was know for:

* First Super Bowl with a team coached by an African American, let alone both teams being coached by one: Tony Dungy (Colts) and Lovie Smith (Bears).

* For the first time in Super Bowl history, the game was played in the rain, which had a huge impact on the game, contributing to fumbles, bad snaps, and dropped passes.

* First Super Bowl to have a touchdown run in on the opening kick off (Devin Hester, Bears).

Honda Sports 4 Concept: The 2009 TSX?

Designed in Japan, the Honda Sports 4 Concept features a slick, bold exterior with low-center of gravity, and low inertia body. Honda "chose a mid-size body to strike the ideal balance between superior driving performance and spacious comfort." The sporty designed interior, is supposed to appear sculpted from a single form using metal, wood, leather, and other fine materials. Super Handling All-Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) which first appeared on the Acura RL will also appear on this car. No details on engine, however many speculate a 2.4L 4 cylinder engine (maybe turbo?).


Keen-edged dynamic styling.

Those aren't just decorations near the bottom, they're uniquely designed, highly functional fog lights!

"Honda equipped the Sports 4 Concept with Super Handling All-Wheel Drive technology, which dynamically allocates torque to all four wheels for enhanced cornering performance, delivering superior driving stability and handling."

It's a little shorter than the current Acura TL.

Do I look like a Bond Girl?

Concept Sports 4 Concept's rear end.

"The Intelligent Night Vision pop-up display that opens and closes in response to changes in ambient light, are designed for instant recognition and intuitive control."

Driver's cockpit.

Occupants can also electrically control one of the 4 personal sky roofs.

The Sports 4 Concept features independent bucket seats for each occupant.

The reasons many people think the Honda Sports 4 Concept is the next Acura TSX:
1) SH-AWD - "Honda intends to spread from the Acura RL down throughout its luxury line." Key words being "luxury line." TSX = more luxurious Accord.
2) Keen-edged dynamic styling - Last time I heard this phrase was the introduction of Acura's Advanced Sports Car Concept.
3) Shorter than the current TL, therefore it most likely won't be the next TL. Rumor has it, the next TL will also have SH-AWD.
4) Basically an Accord with more "edge." To me it ready looks kind of like a "meatier" version of the current TSX.

[Video Link] - SPORTS 4 Concept Video from Honda (1 minute 21 seconds)

[More Info] http://world.honda.com/Tokyo2005/sports4/

Do I think it will be a car starting plus $30k? I think so. Currently, the first generation TSX MSRP around $28k, that's without Navi. Add on SH-AWD, some new technology advancements, and wanting to move the their brand more upscale... the next TSX will be very close to $30k or a little above it.

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