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Acura MDX Technical Service Bulletins

TSB 04-002: (2003 MDX) Creaking From the Headliner

TSB 04-003: (2001-2002 MDX) Idle Fluctuation With DTC P1129

TSB 04-007: (2003-2004 MDX) Sunvisor Will Not Stay Clipped Into Holder

TSB 04-008: (2001-2002 MDX) Navigation System 2.11C Patch CD: Fixes Problems With Personal Address or Previous Destinations Listings With 2.11B DVD

TSB 04-009: (2001-2004 MDX) Clunk From the Rear Brakes

TSB 04-013: (2001-2002 MDX) Safety Recall: Automatic Transmission 2nd Gear Inspection

TSB 04-017: (2001-2004 MDX) Glove Box Light Stays On

TSB 04-022: (2001-2002 MDX) Hesitation or Surging Between 30 and 60 mph

TSB 04-023: (2001-2006 MDX) Noise and Judder From the Rear When Turning

TSB 04-025: (2004 MDX) Rattle From the Subwoofer

TSB 04-027: (2004 MDX) Exhaust System Droning at 2,000 rpm During Cold Weather

TSB 04-030: (2005 MDX) 2005 MDX: TQI and New Model Information

TSB 04-031: (2005-2006 MDX) 2005 - 2006 MDX: TQI of the DVD Navigation System With Voice Recognition

TSB 04-035: (2001-2002 MDX) Accelerator Pedal Feels Like It Pops When First Pressed

TSB 04-036: (2005 MDX) HomeLink Unit Does Not Learn the Garage Door Opener Code

TSB 04-037: (2001-2004 MDX) Buzzing From the Front Blower Motor

TSB 05-002: (2003-2004 MDX) Front Brake Judder


TSB 05-004: (2005 MDX) Product Update: MDX Climate Control Unit

TSB 05-010: (2003-2004 MDX) MIL Comes On With DTC P2195 or P2197

TSB 05-011: (2003-2004 MDX) Navigation System “Talk” Button Doesn’t Work

TSB 05-012: (2003-2004 MDX) Clunking or Clicking From Front Brakes

TSB 05-014: (2001-2005 MDX) Child Seat Anchor Locating Button Is Missing

TSB 05-019: (2001-2002 MDX) Warranty Extension: EGR Valve Contamination May Cause Engine Hesitation/Surge or DTC P1491

TSB 05-023: (2005 MDX) TPMS Indicator Is On Intermittently With DTC 45 Stored

TSB 05-024: (2001-2002 MDX) Shudder or Vibration Between 35 and 40 MPH

TSB 05-026: (2007 MDX) No Real-Time Traffic on the Display


TSB 05-035: (2005 MDX with Rear Entertainment System) No Sound from AM or FM

TSB 05-036: (2006 MDX) 2006 MDX: TQI and New Model Information

TSB 05-038: (2001-2002 MDX) Safety Recall: Front Damper Spring Corrosion

TSB 05-045: (2004-2005 MDX) Product Improvement Campaign: Tire Valve Cap Replacement

TSB 05-047: (2003-2004 MDX) 2003–04 MDX: Remote Audio Controls Do Not Work Properly

TSB 05-049: (2003-2004 MDX With Rear Entertainment System) Audio System Whine When Using the CD Changer

TSB 06-003: (2003-2004 MDX) Torque Converter Shudder or Vibration Between 35 and 40 MPH

TSB 06-004: (2003-2004 MDX) Update PCM with Transmission Replacement

TSB 06-005: (2001-2002 MDX) PCM Replacement with Remanufactured Transmission Installation

TSB 06-008: (2001-2002 MDX) Warranty Extension: OPDS Unit or OPDS Sensor Triggers SRS DTC(s) 15-1, 15-2, 15-3

TSB 06-011: (2001-2006 MDX) Woofer/Rear Cargo Area Rattles

TSB 06-012: (2001-2003 MDX) Inside Rearview Mirror Is Loose

TSB 06-014: (2001-2004 MDX) Idle Vibration or Harsh Shifting

TSB 06-021: (2003–2004 MDX Touring with RES & Navigation) Clock Loses Time

TSB 06-023: (2005–2006 MDX) MIL Comes On With DTC P0116

TSB 06-028: (2003–2006 MDX) MIL Comes On With DTC P0335, P0339, P0385, or P0389, and the Engine Runs Roughly or Stalls

TSB 06-032: (2006 MDX) Front Suspension Pops or Clunks While Turning

TSB 06-033: (2007-2009 MDX) Immobilizer System (Type 6) INFO

TSB 06-034: (ALL ACURA MODELS) Vehicle Pulls or Drifts, and/or Steering Wheel Is Off-Center - INFO

TSB 06-037: (2007 MDX) 2007 MDX: TQI and New Model Information

TSB 06-038: (2007-2009 MDX) 2007–09 MDX: TQI of the DVD Navigation System

TSB 06-045: (2003-2004 MDX) Horn Honks By Itself in Turns or Over Bumps

TSB 06-050: (2002 MDX) Warranty Extension: Vehicle Warranty Mileage - EGR VALVE + OPDS SYSTEM


TSB 06-054: (2007 MDX) Product Update: Wheel Nut Wrench Replacement

TSB 07-002: (2007 MDX) Clicking When Turning the Steering Wheel

TSB 07-004: (2001-2005 MDX) Front Suspension Clunks

TSB 07-012: (2007 MDX) Broken Third Tow Seat-Back Recline Lever

TSB 07-014: (2007 MDX Except Sport) Buzz or Rattle From the Right-Front Area of the Suspension

TSB 07-018: (2007 MDX) Battery Is Low or Dead From a Sticking Power Door Lock Switch

TSB 07-020: (2007 MDX with RES) Battery Is Low or Dead After Power Tailgate Is Left Open

TSB 07-022: (2007 MDX) Navigation Software Updates for DST, DVD Read Erros, Reboots After Driving 1.5hrs and Other symptoms Listed

TSB 07-023: (2007 MDX) Doors Will Not Unlock

TSB 07-026: (2003-2006 MDX) Pinging, Rattling ro Squealing During Light Acceleration

TSB 07-033: (2007 MDX) Knock or Clunk From the Rear Suspension

TSB 07-038: (2007 MDX) No Sound From XM® Satellite Radio or Delayed Song Title Display

TSB 07-040: (2008 ACURA) 2008 ACURA Paint Codes

TSB 07-042: (2007 MDX) Hood Skin Flutters

TSB 07-044: (2008 MDX) 2008 MDX: TQI and New Model Information

TSB 07-046: (2007 MDX) Remote Transmitter Does Not Work

TSB 07-052: (2007 MDX) Radio Turns On After HFL; CD Ejects When Driver’s Door Opens; Pop Heard Through Speakers

TSB 07-057: (2007-2008 MDX) Low Tire Pressure Indicator Stays On, But All Tire Pressures Are OK

TSB 07-058: (2007 MDX) Fuel Fill Door Won’t Open

TSB 07-062: (2007 MDX) Speakers Pop When Power Door Locks Are Used

TSB 08-001: (2007 MDX) MIL Comes on with P0111 and P2183

TSB 08-005: (2007-2008 MDX) Click from the Front Suspension Area under Acceleration or Braking

TSB 08-007: (2007-2009 MDX) Audio Unit Loses Presets

TSB 08-009: (2007-2008 MDX) Gap Between Tailgate and Headliner Weatherstrip

TSB 08-014: (2007-2008 MDX) A/C Whistles in Recirculation Mode

TSB 08-015: (2007-2008 MDX) Water Leak At Moon Roof

TSB 08-021: (2007-2008 MDX) AcuraLink Messages Can't be Read, Wrong XM Channels, or No XM Traffic/Radio

TSB 08-024: (2007-2008 MDX) Second Row Beverage Holder Does Not Operate Properly

TSB 08-031: (2005-2008 MDX) Chirp From the Timing Belt Area

TSB 08-032: (2009 MDX) TQI Information

TSB 08-033: (2007-2008 MDX) Front Window Screech Or Squeal When Going Up and Down

TSB 08-034: (2007-2008 MDX) Rear Window Screech Or Squeal When Going Up and Down

TSB 08-035: (2006-2008 MDX) DVD Read Error, No Route Displayed, DVD Scratched

TSB 08-038: (2007-2009 MDX Except Sport) Thudding or Drumming Noise From Rear Suspension While Driving Over Rough Roads

TSB 08-039: (2007-2008 MDX) Dash Side Covers Fit Poorly

TSB 08-049: (2003-2006 MDX) Tensioner Pulley Replacement Instructions

TSB 08-050: (2005-2008 MDX) Time on Dash Changes Randomly

TSB 08-057: (2008 MDX) Hands Free Link (HFL) Doesn't Work

TSB 09-001: (2008 MDX) XM Notes are Duplicated; Wrong Map Colors When Off Route; Wrong Image Appears During Talk Button Tutorials; Off Road Tracking "Bread Crumbs" Disappear (first 1/2 mile) After Ignition Cycle

TSB 09-002: (2007-2009 MDX) Rear Suspension Squeeks or Crunches Over Large Bumps

TSB 09-012: (2007-2009 MDX) MID or Navi Shows Check Engine Oil Level, Low Oil Pressure Indicator May be on

TSB 09-015: (2005 MDX) Onstar Control Unit Replacement for Lost Minutes

TSB 09-024: (2007-2009 MDX) SRS Indicator Is On With DTC 61-1x or 62-1x

TSB 09-029: (2007-2008 MDX) MIL Comes On With DTC P0962, P0963, P0966, P0967, P0970 or P0971

TSB 09-035: (ALL 2010 ACURAS) 2010 Acura Paint Codes

TSB 09-037: (2005-2006 MDX) OProduct Update: PCM Update for Lock-Up Clutch Function (transmission Shudder)

TSB 09-039: (2007-2008 MDX Base) SRS Indicator on with DTC 31-1x or 31-2x

TSB 09-043: (2007-2009 MDX) Outside Door Handle Binds or Sticks

TSB 09-045: (2010 MDX) 2010 MDX: TQI of the Navigation System

TSB 09-047: (2007–2009 MDX) Door Mirror Does Not Work Properly

TSB 09-048: (2010 MDX) 2010 MDX: TQI and New Model Service Information

TSB 09-058: (2010 MDX) SAFTEY RECALL A-Pillar Bolts May Be Missing

TSB 10-008: (2007-2010 MDX) Switchblade Key does Not Lock in Extended Position

TSB 10-009: (2010 MDX with Silver Accessory Roof Rack) Side Rails may be Cracked On Silver Accessory Roof Rack

TSB 10-011: (2007-2009 MDX) Wipers intermittently Turn On or Won't Turn off

TSB 10-012: (20010 MDX) MID Displays CHECK BATTERY SENSOR

TSB 10-014: (2001-20010 MDX) Power Window Goes UP and REVERSES on it's Own, Is Slow to Open and Close, Or Squeals, Creaks, Clunks, or Clicks

TSB 10-023: 2011 MDX: TQI and New Model Service Info

TSB 10-028: 2011 Acura Paint Codes

TSB 10-031: (2008 MDX) In Florida, Navigation Unit Reboots When Destination Is Entered

TSB 10-032: (2010 MDX) Running Board Step Pad Does Not Lie Flat

TSB 10-040: (2003-2006 MDX) Starter Does Not Work

TSB 10-042: (2010 MDX) Different XM Presets Cannot Be Saved For Driver 1 and Driver 2; Alabama Navigation Defaults to California When Destination Is Entered

TSB 11-006: (2008-2009 MDX Sport Package) Product Update: Front Damper Coil Connector Corrosion/ADS Indicator Is On (Replaces TSB 10-005)

TSB 11-013: 2012 Acura Paint Colors and Codes

TSB 11-014: (2007-2011 MDX ALL) VSA Indicator or Trailer Stability Assist Warning is on Intermittently

TSB 11-017: (2007 MDX) Software Update: Prevent damage to Rear Bank Catalyst

TSB 11-018: (2007 MDX) Warranty Extension: Rear Bank 1 Catalyst warranty Extended to 10 Years, 120,000 Miles from date of purchase

TSB 11-023: (2007-2009 MDX) SRS Indicator is on with DTC 71-11

TSB 11-028: (2012 MDX) TQI Information

TSB 11-031: (2007-2011 MDX) Battery is Dead, or A/C Cools Poorly

TSB 11-032: (2011-2012 MDX, 2011-2012 TSX, 2012 ZDX) Rear Entertainment Restarts when the ignition is cycled

TSB 11-033: (2010-2011 MDX, 2010-2011 ZDX) MID Shows Battery Charge Low

TSB 11-036: (2010-2011 MDX) Front or Rear Seat Heater Does NOT TURN OFF

TSB 12-003: (2012 MDX) RECALL: Drivers Left Side Curtain Airbag May Not Deploy

TSB 12-004: (2012 MDX) RECALL: Passenger Right Side Curtain Airbag May Not Deploy

TSB 12-005: (2012 MDX) RECALL: FUEL TANK May allow vapors to leak outside

TSB 12-006: (2007-2012 MDX) Front Door Sash Trim Creaks and Moves

TSB 12-007: (2010-2012 MDX) Product Update: Software Update for Lock-Up Clutch Function

TSB 12-008: 2013 Acura Paint Codes

TSB 12-017: (2007-2010 MDX) WARRANTY EXTENSION: Steering Wheel is Hard to Turn at Low Speeds -> PS Pump is 7 years, 100,000 Miles from date of Purchase

TSB 12-024: (2013 MDX) TQI Information


TSB 12-030: (2007-2011 MDX) Side Defogger Vent Trim Pops Up from Dashboard

TSB 12-044: (2003-2006 MDX) SAFTEY RECALL: Ignition Key is Removable with the Shift Level Out of Park

TSB 13-003: 2007-2011 MDX: Front Catalytic Converter Heat Shield Rattles or Buzzes

TSB 13-005: Safety Recall: 2003–06 MDX Key Is Removable With Shift Lever Out of Park

TSB 13-013: Safety Recall: VSA System Unexpectedly Activates (2005-2006 MDX, 2005 RL)

TSB 13-036: Rattle From Headliner(2009-2013 MDX)

TSB 13-038: Safety Recall: Electrical Noise May Cause Inadvertent Front Airbag Deployment (2003 MDX)

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