Tuesday, December 3, 2013

3rd Gen Acura TL Technical Service Bulletins

TSB 04-005: Driving Position Memory System Does Not Work.

TSB 04-006: Audio Unit Diagnosis. (Revised 10/19/2005)

TSB 04-015: ABS Indicator Comes On With DTCs 15, 16, 17, 43, and/or 44.

TSB 04-016: MIL Comes On With DTC P2195 or P2197.

TSB 04-019: Brembo Brakes Squeal With Light Application.

TSB 04-020: Safety Recall: CL and TL Automatic Transmission 2nd Gear Inspection.

TSB 04-034: Moonroof Wind Deflector Rattles.

TSB 04-036: HomeLink™ Unit Does Not Learn The Garage Opener Code

TSB 04-039: Headliner Sags at Moonroof Opening.

TSB 04-043: Rear Shelf Rattles.

TSB 05-013: Safety Recall: Fuse Box May Cause a No-Start or Stalling Condition.

TSB 05-016: Roof Console Bezel is Cracked or Broken

TSB 05-017: 5th Gear Vibration or Drone.

TSB 05-020: HandsFreeLink (HFL) System Does Not Work (Revised 09/23/2005)

TSB 05-025: Outside Air Temperature Gauge Reads Inaccurately

TSB 05-029: Product Update: DTC B1161 with Outside Air Temperature Displays Three Dashes (- - -), or Intermittent Dead Battery

TSB 05-033: Power Mirrors, Auto Dimming Mirror, Power Seat Position Memory, and Windshield Washer Do Not Work (Revised 10/14/2005)

TSB 05-034: 2006 TL: TQI and New Model Information

TSB 05-043: Safety Recall: Right Front Impact Sensor Is Loose

TSB 05-050: Premature Rear Tire Wear (supersedes TSB 05-076)

TSB 05-076: Premature Rear Tire Wear (superseded by TSB 05-050)

TSB 06-009: Power Window Main Switch Button is Damaged or Missing

TSB 06-012: Inside Rearview Mirror Is Loose

TSB 06-013: Long Crank Time or Hard Starting

TSB 06-024: High Mount Brake Light Cover Material Comes Loose

TSB 06-031: Front Door Glass Makes Noise or Stops When Going Up or Down

TSB 06-034: Vehicle Pulling or Drifting

TSB 06-035: 2007TL: TQI of the DVD Navigation System with Voice Recognition

TSB 06-036: 2007TL: TQI and New Model Information

TSB 06-040: Glove Box Rattles or Squeaks

TSB 06-043: Moonroof Glass Weatherstrip Is Damaged

TSB 07-005: 2004–06 TL: Front Brakes Squeal

TSB 07-006: Door Panel or B-Pillar Rattles, Ticks, or Buzzes

TSB 07-010: Music Link (For iPod) General Information and Symptom Troubleshooting

TSB 07-011: Rattle, Slapping, or Tapping From Moonroof While Driving

TSB 07-013: Whine From Speakers During HFL Use

TSB 07-017: Safety Recall: Fuel Pump Relay May Cause Engine No-Start or Stalling

TSB 07-026: Pinging, Rattling, or Squealing During Light Acceleration

TSB 07-028: Audio Button Panel Lights Do Not Work; Audio Unit Button Lights Stay On With the Key Off

TSB 07-035: Front Passenger's Seat Squeaks or Rattles

TSB 07-036: Audio System Will Not Play a DVD-A

TSB 07-038: No Sound From XM Satellite Radio or Delayed Song Title Display

TSB 07-039: 2007 Type-S TL! Knock or Clunk From the Rear Suspension

TSB 07-041: Brake Pedal Is Low and Feels Soft

TSB 07-043: Outer Door Handle Extension Falls Off

TSB 07-048: Driver’s Side Vent Rattles While Driving

TSB 07-049: Front Center Speaker Grille Rattles

TSB 07-050: Service Manual Update: HFL (HandsFreeLink) General Troubleshooting Information. Applies to all 2006-2008 Vehicles with HFL

TSB 07-060: Power Steering Moans or Whines

TSB 08-004: Driver's Seat Cushion Rocks or Is Loose

TSB 08-008: 2004-08 TL: Seat Back Panel Is Loose or Detached

TSB 08-013: 2004-05 TL: Safety Recall: Windshield Wiper Motor Does Not Work

TSB 08-016: 2004-08 TL: Safety Recall: Power Steering Feed Hose Leak

TSB 08-018: Transmission Grinds When Shifting Into 3rd Gear, Pops Out of 3rd Gear, or Is Hard to Shift Into 3rd Gear

TSB 08-021: Acuralink Message Cannot Be Read, There Is No XM Radio Or Traffic, Or XM Channels Are Wrong

TSB 08-031: Chirp From the Timing Belt Area

TSB 08-035: (2006-2008) DVD Read Error, or No Route Displayed, And navigation DVD is Scratched

TSB 08-043: (2007-2008 TL-S) MIL Comes on with ETC P0171 or P0174 (Fuel To lean)

TSB 08-049: (2004-2006 TL) NEW Drive Belt Auto-Tensioner Replacement Instructions

TSB 08-050: (2007-2008 TL Navigation) Time On display Change Randomly but Never by exactly 1 hr.

TSB 08-054: (2004-2008 TL) Poor AM or FM Reception

TSB 08-057: (2007-2008 TL) HFL Doesn't Work, Car hard to start or No start

TSB 09-001: (2008 TL) XM Notes are Duplicated; Wrong Map Colors When Off Route; Wrong Image Appears During Talk Button Tutorials; Off Road Tracking "Bread Crumbs" Disappear (first 1/2 mile) After Ignition Cycle

TSB 09-047: (2006–2008 TL) Door Mirror Does Not Work Properly

TSB 09-056: (2007-2008 TL) Fuel Cap Warning Message is on W/O DTC Code

TSB 10-008: (2007-2008 TL) Switchblade Key does Not Lock in Extended Position

TSB 10-014: (2004-2008 TL) Power Window Goes UP and REVERSES on it's Own, Is Slow to Open and Close, Or Squeals, Creaks, Clunks, or Clicks

TSB 10-017: (2004-2008 TL without Navigation) XM Information is Displayed, but there is NO sound

TSB 10-031: (2008 TL) In Florida, Navigation Unit Reboots When Destination Is Entered

TSB 10-035: (2007-2008 TL) Drive Belt Squeaks

TSB 11-004: (2004-2008 TL 6MT) Clutch Pedal Pops, Squeaks, or Clicks

TSB 11-007: (2004-2008 TL ALL) Knocking or Vibration While Driving

TSB 12-020: Safety Recall: 2007–08 TL Power Steering Feed Hose Leak

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