Tuesday, December 3, 2013

2nd Gen Acura TSX Technical Service Bulletins

TSB 08-017: 2009–2010 TSX: TQI of the DVD Navigation System With Voice Recognition

TSB 08-020: 2009 TSX: TQI and New Model Information

TSB 08-025: (2009-2010 TSX) Fuel Fill Door Is Hard to Open

TSB 08-027: (2009 TSX) Beverage Holder Lid Will Not Open

TSB 08-035: (2009-2010 TSX) DVD Read Error, or No Route Displayed, and Navigation DVD Is Scratched

TSB 08-036: 2009 Acura Paint Codes

TSB 08-040: (2009 TSX) Product Update: Valet Key Opens the Trunk

TSB 08-048: (2009 TSX) Audio or Navigation Display Unit Lens Reflection

TSB 08-050: (2009 TSX) Time on Display Changes Randomly

TSB 08-052: (2009 TSX) MIL Comes On With DTC P2422

TSB 08-058: (2009 TSX) XM Traffic/Weather and AcuraLink Messages Are Not Displayed, and Phone Number Features in the Navigation System Don’t Work

TSB 09-001: (2009 TSX) XM Notes Are Duplicated; Wrong Map Colors When Off-Route; Wrong Image Appears During Navigation Talk Button Tutorial; and Other Listed Symptoms

TSB 09-004: (2009 TSX) Subwoofer Rattles, Hums, and Sounds Distorted

TSB 09-005: (2009 TSX) Sounds From Speakers Are Distorted

TSB 09-008: (2009 TSX) All-Season Floor Mat Contacts the Clutch Pedal

TSB 09-010: (2009 TSX) Trunk Lid Hinge Makes Noise

TSB 09-014: (2009 TSX) Rear Shelf Clicks, Ticks, Creaks, or Pops

TSB 09-016: (2009 TSX) Windshield Side Trim Retainer Is Loose or Missing

TSB 09-019: (2009-2010 TSX) Popping or Clicking from the Left Rear or Right Rear Jack Point

TSB 09-020: 2010 TSX: TQI Information

TSB 09-023: (2009 TSX) Fuel Fill Door Detaches From the Body

TSB 09-035: 2010 Acura Paint Codes

TSB 09-041: (2009-2010 TSX) Engine Pings During Moderate to Heavy Acceleration

TSB 09-044: (2009 TSX) Intermittent No Sound From Audio Unit; Preset Buttons Do Not Respond

TSB 09-054: (2009-2010 TSX) Front Brakes Judder and/or Squeal

TSB 10-003: (2009-2010 TSX) Hood Vibrates or Flutters on Rough Roads or at Highway Speeds

TSB 10-008: (2009-2010 TSX) Retractable Master Key Does Not Lock in Its Extended Position

TSB 10-016: (2009-2010 TSX) Roof Molding Is Loose

TSB 10-017: (2009-2010 TSX) No XM Sound, But XM Station Information Is Displayed

TSB 10-018: (2009-2010 TSX) Paint Peels Off the Interior Door Grip Cover

TSB 10-024: (2009-2010 TSX) Engine Rattles at Cold Start-Up

TSB 10-028: 2011 Acura Paint Codes

TSB 10-036: (2009-2010 TSX) Front Grille Molding Is Peeling

TSB 10-043: (2010 TSX SEE TSB FOR VIN RANGE) Dashboard Is Bubbled

TSB 10-044: (2009-2010 TSX) Finish Peels Off the Parking Brake Lever

TSB 10-048: (2009-2010 TSX) 2009–10 TSX: Popping or Clicking When Turning the Steering Wheel

TSB 11-003: (2011 TSX) Product Update: Compass Displays Wrong Direction

TSB 11-008: (2009-2010 TSX) Front Grille Lower Molding Peels, Wrinkles, or Blisters

TSB 11-010: (2011 TSX) Navigation Display Intermittently Remains Blank After Starting

TSB 11-021: (2011 TSX) Products Update: Software Update to improve Fuel Injector and VTC Timing

TSB 11-022: (2009 TSX) Driver Power Seat is Rought or Bumpy when moving forward of back

TSB 11-026: (2012 TSX) 2012 TSX TQI Information

TSB 11-032: (2011-2012 MDX, 2011-2012 TSX, 2012 ZDX) Rear Entertainment Restarts when the ignition is cycled

TSB 12-008: 2013 Acura Paint Codes

TSB 12-011: (2011 RDX & 2010 TSX) Start Motor Intermittently Grinds in Cold Weather

TSB 12-014: (2009-2012 TSX) Console Armrest Is Loose

TSB 12-015: (2009-2010 TSX) Product Update: Roof Molding is Loose

TSB 12-018: (2009 TSX) Product Update: Windshield Side Trim Retainer is Loose

TSB 12-021: (2011-2012 TSX) HFL System Deletes Previously Paired Phone and Imported Phone Book

TSB 12-022: (2009-2011 TSX) Door Lock makes a high pitched whine or does not work

TSB 12-031: (2013 TSX) TQI Information

TSB 12-037: (2010-2012 TSX) Clicking Noise when turning the Steering Wheel

TSB 12-040: (2007-2011 TSX) Moonroof Glass Frame Rusts Under the Moonroof Seal

TSB 13-006: 2009–10 TSX: Sticking Rings Resulting in Unusually High Engine Oil Consumption (2009–10 TSX L4 with M/T )

TSB 13-010: XM Signal Intermittently Cuts Out or Poor Reception (2009-2010 TSX)

TSB 13-014: Safety Recall: 2004–08 TSX ECM/PCM Corrosion

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