Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Non-Specific Acura Technical Service Bulletins

TSB 88-016: Battery test procedure.

TSB 89-015: ATF Cooler Cleaner.

TSB 90-009: Automatic Transmission In-Warranty Exchange Program

TSB 96-009: Removal of Clear Guard Protective Film.

TSB 96-025: Navigation System Component In-Warranty Exchange/Out-of-Warranty Repair.

TSB 97-040: Keyless Remote Transmitter Information.

TSB 98-015: Special Tool Loan Program

TSB 99-010: Cutting Keys With the Exacta Key Code Cutter.

TSB 00-037: Brake Disc Refinishing Guidelines.

TSB 01-026: Updating the ECM/PCM (Revised 20 Sept 2005.

TSB 02-020: Initializing the OPDS Unit.

TSB 03-012: Immobilizer System (Type 4).

TSB 03-013: TQI of the DVD Navigation System With Voice Recognition.

TSB 03-023: TQI and New Model Information.

TSB 03-024: 2004 Acura Paint Codes.

TSB 03-033: MIL Comes On With DTCs P0301, P0305, and Possible P0300

TSB 05-003: 2005 Acura Paint Codes

TSB 05-014: Child Seat Anchor Locating Button Is Missing (Revised 06/07/2005)

TSB 05-018: Navigation System DVD Information

TSB 05-032: 2006 Acura Paint Codes, Exterior and Interior Color Code Locations (Revised 2/10/2006)

TSB 06-023: MIL comes on with DTC P0116

TSB 06-046: Tubeless Tire Repair Information

TSB 06-050: Warranty Extension: Vehicle Warranty Mileage

TSB 06-053: 2007 Acura Paint Codes, Exterior and Interior Color Code Locations

TSB 10-028: 2011 Acura Paint Codes

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