Thursday, February 22, 2007

[Making Of] Acura ASCC

"The Advanced Sports Car Concept will not only take your eyes to unexpected places, it will transport the rest of you, as well." -

Some sketches were drawn up. Makes me wonder what the car would have ended up like if they stuck with this version.

This is the design they ended up building. Designers were inspired by nature. They studied "cracks in glaciers and the contours of sand dunes," this gave them a sense for the natural flow of shapes, edges and movements.

Next a quarter scaled clay model was made to establish the form.

Painted version of the clay model.

Designers further fine-tuned details using a computer-aided design (CAD) program.

A full size model was built.

Photos of the final product: The NSX's replacement?

There is a rumor saying that Acura is scrapping this as the NSX's replacement.

Click here for all articles relating to the ASCC.

Take a 360 degree spin of the Advanced Sports Car Concept and find more information on the development process at

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