Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Famous Geek drives Acura TSX?

According to's article: What Cars Do Famous Geeks Drive? Chris Pirillo drives a 2006 Acura TSX. Here's what had to say:
Chris Pirillo is an Internet entrepreneur, book author, ex-TV show host and technology enthusiast. He is addicted to computer hardware and software -and the Acura TSX. According to him, the 2006 TSX is about as geeky as today’s cars can get. This car has an audio in jack, live traffic reports, Bluetooth connectivity, Zagat ratings and an excellent navigation system with voice recognition.

The car also has handsfreelink, keyless access system with driver recognition. The sound system in the Acura is a 360-watt system with AM/FM stereo, 6 disc in dash CD changer and eight speakers. There is also an XM satellite radio, MP3/auxillary input jack and home link. Other accessories include a dual zone automatic climate control system and heated front seats, theft deterrent system with an electronic immobilizer. The exterior temperature indicator lets you know what the temperature is outside.

Now it's time to take out the red pen teachers use to correct student's work:
1) The TSX does NOT have live traffic reports,
2) the picture has up for the 2006 Acura TSX is actually a pre-2006 model (this is noted because of the lacking integrated fog lights), &
3) Chris Pirillo no longer drives a TSX, but instead drives an Acura RL.

I don't know what was doing, but it sure wasn't research. Here is the entry from Chris Pirillo when he was thinking of "upgrading" his Acura TSX. Being a TSX owner myself, I actually left a comment on that entry in September of last year. At that time, I had no idea Mr. Pirillo was "famous."

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