Friday, February 1, 2008

[UPDATE] Car Note

I was walking to my car today after work and I saw a piece of paper above my driver side car handle. My initial reaction was, "Crap! We're getting car fliers at work now?" I hated this crap when I was in college. When I got closer, I saw that it was more like a Post-It, then I thought... "Oh no, don't tell me someone dinged my car." I pulled the sticky off the window and read it:

"I have a question about your TSX.


(NO - I didn't hit it)"

The note was on a "sister" company Post-It, so I believe he works for my company too. I gave him a call back and left a voice message that I was the TSX owner and was responding to his note. I had to call and leave a second message because I forgot to leave my number the first time. I hope it's not something stupid, like he is trying to sell me something. I'll keep you guys updated. Anyone want to guess what's this all about?


The guy who left a note on my car, Mike, contacted me today. Turns out that he also has an Acura TSX. He explained that his manual 2006 model recently got into a head on collision and that he wanted to compared the engine bay of an undamaged TSX. He was concerned about the repairs done on his car.

I popped the hood to my 2005 TSX in the parking lot at work so he could check it out. He stated that a couple of the wiring near the radiator was zip-tied on his car and that it didn't look right. I told him to take a picture of my car and show it to the people who worked on his car. He agreed, however he didn't bring a good quality camera and only had his phone. I told him if he needed that I'll pop my hood again on another day.

Then we just talked. I asked him if he was an member and he said he was. I told him I'm on that site like every other day. He also said how he wanted to install a cold air intake (CAI) and I told him I wanted to do the same, but just never got around to it. I also commented about how I have been wanting to get a the service manual for my car, but it's like $75 + shipping + tax. We both agreed that we should have paid a little extra for the navigation. He said, "Thanks!" then we shook hands and parted ways. About 10 minutes later he emailed a link to photos of his car wreck.

Yikes! I would never want to see my car like this.


Anonymous said...

It is an interesting note...

My guess would be either this guy likes the TSX and is curious to know about your views on the car.

He already own a TSX and wants to know some details about an accessory or part that you may have.

Anyway keep us posted on the same... and keep up the good work with the Acura updates.


dalieu said...

Thanks John.

Well, I didn't get any reply from Mike today and don't really want to play phone tag with a stranger. I agree with you that he probably wants to ask me about my TSX ownership experience because my TSX is pretty much stock. The only things I have gotten done for the TSX is all around tint and Accord key mod, which is kind of sad because there were so many things I wanted to do to my TSX.

If I do hear something, I'll post an update.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dalieu,
Thanks for keeping us posted. By looking at the pictures his car looks quite bad. But in the end I am glad you were of some help to him.

Keep up the good work on all the updates you have been giving us on Acura. I appreciate it..!!



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