Saturday, September 27, 2008

Acura's Largest Media Campaign To Date

The effort, via RPA, Santa Monica, Calif., includes a series of five 30-second TV spots that elaborate the idea that the TL is the most powerful Acura ever built. With their focus on metaphors of power and strength and design, the art-house ads diverge from previous Acura ads that were rich in computer graphics and focused on in-car technology.

The effort--comprised of five TV spots, with three starting now and two later--elaborates the power theme with creative that shows slow-motion video of an object impacting and crashing through a barrier, then emerging as the TL. One shows a bullet entering a bottle and smashing through the back of it with voiceover saying: "Precision is power"; another shows a fist smashing through a board with a "Strength is power" message. And one shows a diver leaping from a board and entering the water, and proclaims: "Grace is power."

An agency representative says the brand did not have to hammer the high-mpg message because consumers associate the brand with high fuel economy. "At the same time, the Acura target audience is buying vehicles for different reasons. The theme of 'Power' communicated throughout the campaign doesn't just refer to horsepower," she says.


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