Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happenings in the Acura World

1) The long rumored but never implemented V8 may be a possibility. Honda's CEO admits that Acura will not be able to compete with other premium brands with only the Acura RL's 3.7 liter V6.


2) Acura is looking to expand it's lineup and is currently testing new sport crossover vehicle. The vehicle is supposed to rival Infiniti’s FX and BMW’s X6.


3) Acura dealers are painting the grill on the new 2009 Acura TL. This is a bad sign for Acura as they're trying to solidify the Acura brand. Dealers taking matters into their own hands could ruin what Acura is trying to build up in the long run. Plus, what is this going to tell the public?



Anonymous said...

Painting the grill to match the body color is a definite improvement! The new chrome grills are a disappointment and I won't purchase a 2009 unless the grill is painted.

Mike (owner of a TL and MDX)

dalieu said...

I agree that it does look better painted. I wish Acura would be like BMW and pick a grill style/theme and stick with it for 10+ years. If that's what they're doing with this grill style I'm a bit discomforted.

Anonymous said...

The grill is BUTT ugly. Speaking of butts, the HUGE rear bumper and tiny trunk lid, reminds me of a middle age woman's fat ass. I hope Acura gets their design chops back. The 2004 - 2008 TL was great. I wish I could find the phone # for the Acura Design Studio.

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