Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I feel like Acura is a mess now!

I feel like Acura is a mess! Whatever happened the brand that brought us the Legend, NSX, and CL? It's unbelievable that there isn't a freaking coupe in the line up anymore! Now I read on various car sites that Acura is bailing out of the Tier 1 race. WTF?!?! How can they bail out on something they were never in? Supposedly, Acura is no longer interested in V8's and rear wheel drive cars because that would be copying everyone else... Yeah, everyone else in the luxury league! Even Hyundai has a V8 and rear drive! I also read somewhere that they might bring back the RSX, what the hell?!?! Make up your mind! Acura only killed it about 4 years ago! Now they're moving towards "Green Luxury". "Green Luxury"? For some reason, I don't envision something like a Lexus LS460H or GS450H coming down the pipelines but instead something more along the lines of a glorified Civic Hybrid. I know they're an automotive company and their goal is profit, but I feel like we were all lied to. This makes me mad! I used to care about resale value, but not anymore! Give me the next hand-built, mid-engine NSX! Give me a car and brand I can brag about getting when I'm a millionaire damn it!


Anonymous said...

Altho I feel your frustration, I have to remind myself that what makes Acura 'special' is dancing to the beat of its own drummer. Which is not for everyone.

Hopefully Acura will develop more into what you or I may want but really they have always been a brand that is step up from Honda (the NSX being the great oddity in its lineup).

I have to remind myself that they are doing what they think its best (probably from a $ stand point) & not let my desires frustrate me.

This is probably what it's like to have a child that goes in the opposite direction of what you want (like sports & the arts)

Anonymous said...

They are taking BABY steps ... or @ least they were until the economy went boom.

I mean their windows actually say "Acura" now instead of "Honda". They also have their own design center, financial arm & advertising agency. Oh ... and myacura.com ...

Honda just needs to be serious about Acura instead of wishy washy.

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