Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Refreshed 2012 Acura TL

The 4th generation Acura TL got a new look. I think it looks better than the refresh, but not as good as the 3rd gen Acura TL.

he 2012 TL's refined new look includes a redesigned front bumper with improved aerodynamics, a revised grille, updated headlights and turn signals, a new fog light design and a shorter front overhang. At the rear, a new rear bumper incorporates a significantly repositioned license plate opening and smaller rear reflectors, while updated taillights and a thinner rear trunk edge trim add to a sophisticated new look.

Below is a video from, interviewing 2012 Acura TL Lead Designer Damon Schell. Schell explains how the look of the TL was refined. Jon Ikeda (who penned the 3rd generation 2004 TL) also weighs in briefly with a few of his comments on the TL refresh


Anonymous said...

That just looks sooo much better. This will probably stabilize sales but doubt it will increase.

Altho it did even out the proportions, the head & tail lights could be bigger ...

dalieu said...

I agree, the car looks miles better but it was late to the race.

Anonymous said...

Pricing released today, $300 more than 2011.

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