Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Comptech not closing!

A few months ago, there was news that Comptech was closing it's doors after more than 20 years. The word on the internet (confirmed by vendors) for Comptech's closing was due to low number of sells and not enough management. Well, supercharge your TL & TSX, because Comptech isn't closing anymore!

The following was posted by a member of the Acurazine.com forums:
I already posted this in the 2g TL section but i thought i would throw it up here too. I called Comptech this morning and spoke with someone regarding the shut down. Actually, Comptech is NOT shutting its doors, it is merely changing hands. The people who bought Comptech actually worked there before. They will re-open under the same name, and begin producing and selling parts again within the next month or two. The same people will be producing the parts, and it will be of the same quality Competch is known for. I asked about the supercharger for the 2g TL and the person I spoke with could not disclose very much information regarding products for the new owners of the company. All she could tell me was it was very possible. SO. Everyone can stop freaking out now, its not the end of the world - or Comptech.

This is great news for Honda and Acura fans everywhere.

Further confirmation at NSX Prime.

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