Sunday, May 11, 2008

[POLL - Results] What Does Acura Need Most To Improve It's Brand Image?

190 votes later, rear wheel drive is the winner for what Acura needs most to improve it's brand image. To be truthful, Acura as a car manufacturer aiming to become a tier 1 luxury brand should have a rear wheel drive platform in it's lineup. Many critics have also complained that Acura doesn't offer anything bigger than a V6. The option of having a V8 engine captured 14% of the vote. However, that wasn't the second place winner.

The second place winner was the lack of a sports coupe, which got 43 of the 190 votes (22%). It's funny how Honda tries to market Acura vehicles as sports performance oriented, but no longer offers a sports coupe to choose from. Acura missing a sports coupe barely beat "Acura needs a better flagship sedan." As many people know, the Acura RL is not doing very well as Acura's flagship. It's "like it or leave it" V6 and SH-AWD configuration doesn't appeal to many, especially when compared to the Acura TL in configuration and price.

Another interesting note about the poll results is that top 3 "winners" were very close within each other. Unlike other polls where there is one definite winner, which shows what Acura really needs to work on, the results show that there are a lot things Acura needs to work on.

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