Wednesday, May 7, 2008

[TSB] 3rd Gear Problems for some Hondas & Acuras

The 6-speed manual transmission grinds when shifting into 3rd gear, pops out of 3rd gear, or is hard to shift into 3rd gear.

NOTE: These symptoms can be intermittent and sometimes more noticeable in colder climates.

The transmission has a faulty 3rd gear synchronizer or 3-4 shift sleeve.

Replace the 3rd gear set.

2003–07 Accord V6 with M/T: ALL

2008 Accord V6 with M/T 2-Door:
From VIN 1HGCS218.8A000001
thru 1HGCS218.8A003478

2006–07 Civic Si 2-Door: ALL

2008 Civic Si 2-Door:
From VIN 2HGFG215.8H700001
thru 2HGFG215.8H701973

2007 Civic Si 4-Door: ALL

2008 Civic Si 4-Door:
From VIN 2HGFA555.8H700001
thru 2HGFA555.8H702465

2003 Acura 3.2CL with M/T

2002-06 Acura RSX with six-speed

2004-08 Acura TL with M/T


Link to Honda PDF
/ Link to Acura PDF

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