Thursday, April 9, 2009

Acura ZDX Designers

Michelle Christensen - Exterior Designer

Michelle Christensen was only 25 years old and straight out of the Art Center College of Design when she first sketched the ZDX.

"From the very first sketch of the ZDX, I wanted to create an emotional vehicle that challenged conventional thinking of what a sports coupe should be," said Michelle Christensen, ZDX exterior designer. "My goal was to create a strikingly beautiful exterior, and use that attraction to help draw you into the rich interior."

Michael Wiedeman - Interior Designer

Damon Schell - Project Leader

If you want a family car, buy an MDX -- the ZDX is aimed at well-off couples who don't need to take kids with them when they travel, say the designers. "At one stage, we even thought of making it so the rear seats folded up only when you needed them," says Schell.

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