Thursday, May 13, 2010

Acura Recalls 2004-2008 TSX

Don't know how I missed this one so it might be old news to some people.

Acura today announced a recall of approximately 167,000 Acura TSX vehicles to replace a power steering hose. Affected TSX vehicles are 2004-2008 models sold in the United States with the 2.4L inline 4-cylinder engine. The repair involves installing a new power steering hose, o-ring gasket and fluid-- all done at no cost to the vehicle owner.

The recall is being conducted due to the potential for premature deterioration of the exterior surface of the hose as a result of prolonged exposure to high under-hood temperatures. In the event of excessive deterioration, a crack in the hose could develop, which could allow power steering fluid to leak or spray on a hot exhaust component potentially generating smoke or a fire. Acura has only received notice of one incident resulting in a fire.

Owners of affected vehicles will be informed by mail starting at the end of May. In addition, TSX owners can go to or may call (800) 382-2238 for more information.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Toyota ... it seems like every manufacturer is now going to recall everything immediately.

Anonymous said...

Havent heard anything from Acura yet. Any idea how long the replacement takes?

dalieu said...

I'm with you, I have a 2005 and am still waiting for some kind of notice.

I'm not sure how long it would take them to replace it, but the dealership I go to will allow me to borrow a "courtesy car" if the job takes more than an hour.

dalieu said...

Hey, I got my recall letter a couple days ago. Still need to make the appointment and take it in.

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