Thursday, November 30, 2006

"It's the most gangsta Acura yet."

"It's the most gangsta Acura yet.

Definitely not a clone of other cars, the concept is bookended with traditional Acura design cues. A five-point grille is the only conformance to corporate design marching orders in front, though it wears a beak only an octopus could love. Especially when coupled with the narrow headlights, which also double as air intakes.

More convincing is the chiseled tail, which recalls the CL coupe. The all-glass roof tops an interior that was off-limits to our prying eyes. Billet-machined, polished aluminum wheels measure 22 inches in front and 23 inches in the rear. What they have in size, they lack in taste."
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After watching a video unveiling the Acura ASC on, it doesn't look *that* bad.


Anonymous said...

Seems like another 350z. Just with a
"meaner" front, and a "sad" back.

dalieu said...

it's sad to say, but i like the back better than the front...

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