Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Honda/Acura Recall!!!

Honda revealed a new recall for the United States that affects 165,000 vehicles that could develop engine problems from a sealer material that may leak onto wires in the engine and cause them to snap. Multiple complaints about the problem have been filed at Honda HQ, though none have led to crashes or injuries. This is the same issue that sparked the giant recall in China.

The affected vehicles include the 2005 Acura RL, TL and TSX, the entire 2005 Honda Accord lineup (include the Accord Hybrid), 2005 Honda Odyssey and 2006 Honda Ridgeline.

If you think your vehicle is affected, you can call Honda at (800) 999-1009 for more information.

[Source] AutoBlog.com

AcuraZine.com forum is reporting the following defective range for the various models:
2005 RL – From VIN JH4KB1...5C016266 thru JH4KB1...5C020997

2005 TL – From VIN 19UUA6...5A046061 thru 19UUA6...5A067961

2005 TSX – From VIN JH4CL9...5C018626 thru JH4CL9...5C025175

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Anonymous said...

Well, its a bad news to all Honda/Acura owners. Well, I hope this issue would be solve soon. To those affected by the said recall, better check all your acura engine parts, to know if it needs a replacement. This is also to ensure that no other problems might occur. Lets just all hope that no other parts are affected.

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