Monday, March 12, 2007

[Video]'s Acura ASC Unveiling

Another video of Acura's Advanced Sedan Concept unveiling at the LA Auto Show. The concept car is supposed to show what a vehicle will look like in 15 years (around 2020). The purpose of the design exercise was to look 2.5 generations ahead and rival Bentley or Maybach in terms of performance and luxury.

"Actually, we just wanted to build the biggest, bad-est, meanest luxury sedan we could." - Acura

Quote from video: "What will the luxury flagship of the future look like?"
My comment: Hopefully, not like this.

Making of the Advanced Sedan Concept.


Anonymous said...

BUTT UGLY, i hope this thing gets scrapped.

dalieu said...

I agree... bring back the HSC!

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